Water Tanks

Dart tanks are individually handcrafted with pride and are heavy duty reinforced for strength and reliability. They are designed with standard outlets to match new generation performance pumps.

As your tank will be designed by engineers and handcrafted it does take a while to build so get your order in within plenty of time.

Dart Water tanks are made from concrete which is one of the most natural, superior strength materials available. All Dart tanks are constructed with quality in mind to the highest standard of excellence, built to engineers design spec, exceeding national codes and only from superior materials. Flat top water tanks are built with extra strengthening, which means if the customer wants a less obtrusive landscape, these can be completely buried with 300mm topsoil cover, dependant on site.

Darts quality concrete tanks are designed with steel mesh and galvanized binding wire to keep your water cleaner, clearer and cooler with the superior natural insulation properties of concrete. Therefore water stored in Dart concrete tanks is less likely to be affected by bacterial or algae growth; so there is no need for algae reducing chemicals

All Dart tanks are built in accordance with codes NZS 3106:1986 and NZS 3106:1986 as appropriate.

Dart is a member of NZ Concrete Tank Manufacturers Association – your quality guarantee.

We can supply you with a water tank in various sizes up to 27,000L. Standard septic tanks sizes can also be made into water tanks (refer to septic tank page for dimensions)

Water Tanks